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Cars are mechanical and will undergo sufficient wear and tear during their usage, and after a few years may require constant repairs to keep them functioning. Ultimately a day may come when your car just will not start, turn on, or run, and you know then that it is time to get rid of it and buy a new one.

What you will be trying to do is sell a car that is more or less junk, and this leaves you with few authentic options to profit in any way from selling this now defunct car. Selling a car that is no more in running condition can turn out to be quite tricky, as prices vary wildly, and can depend on your persistence with the method that you have chosen to get rid of it. Do not expect to make a lot of money. You will not be able to sell your car for a good price even if it was in good running condition, as it is a well-known fact, that once a new car leaves a showroom, its value immediately comes down by a sufficient margin. so what chance does your car that is not starting, running, or even turning on have in such a highly demanding market?

There are methods you can use to sell your non-functioning car, but whichever method you choose, make sure that you are always honest with potential buyers, as to exactly what is wrong with your car. Most buyers will make their assessment and may even bring in their experts and mechanics, before they even make you an offer, so that the chances of them accepting what you say, at face value, is rather slim.

One of the most basic methods to sell a junk car is to list your car in an ad in papers or online with full details of your car, its make, its model, the miles it has run, and its actual present condition. Put in photographs but be careful not to glamorize them, as people will make comparisons with them when they see the car, and it may often work against you if you have made any attempt to hide obvious defects. You will be surprised to get offers for various parts of the car, instead of the complete car, and this can generate a lot of interest. You will have to find space to park your car, as it gets gradually cannibalized, and enables you to generate sufficient funds to feel the effort has been worth it. If you are lucky to get an offer for the entire car, do give it serious consideration, if it gets you a decent sum, as keeping the car for a long time, till all its parts are sold can be irksome.

You can always shop around with garages, and see if you can get a decent quote from one of them who will put your car into some sort of running condition. This will increase its value, but as old cars never sell for large sums, you will have to do a fine balancing act between the cost of repairs that will eat into whatever you gain from finally selling it.

One of the easiest options is to visit a junkyard with your car and negotiate a price for it. This can require hard bargaining, but the ease and convenience are well worth it, as you can literally walk in with your car and walk out with the cash, leaving the car behind. The problem can be getting the car to the junkyard as it is not running. Some of these junkyards may even visit your home and make you an offer and then tow the car away themselves. Junkyards often remove saleable parts from the car, sell them, and then convert what is left into metal scrap that also fetches them a fair value.

If you have a philanthropic bent of mind, you can always arrange to donate a car to a charity in whatever condition it is. They will use any one of the above methods to get some value out of the car and consider the sums as your donation to their cause.

Selling cars by removing the parts can be the method that will get you the highest value, but it does require you to make some effort to remove the parts, and arranging to store the car till it is completely gutted.